Online registeration and appointments

Registeration and appointments for any hospital can be done anywhere in the world. Reducing the need for queuing for service.

Cashless transactions

Payments for any service can be done using ATM cards or directly from bank accounts limiting the use of cash and thus reducing pilfering while improving revenue

Smart reciepts

Reciepts are paperless and all payments made can be scanned and verified at each service point.

Telemedicine services

Patients can use this service for consultations of medical issues or complaints that do not require physical presence in the hospital. Thereby reducing the frequency of hospital visitation.

Smart pharmacy service

This allows patient to pay for prescribed drugs and have it delivered to them promptly.

Smart Ambulance service

This is an independent on-demand ambulance service. Patients can demand for this service fromtheir Smart Companion app.

Hospital Referral System

This allows hospitals on the platform to share patient records and allow prompt response incase of emergencies.

Mobile Lab/Radiology tracker

Patients are able to monitor the progress of their laboratory or radiology tests and will be notified when their tests are ready. This reduces check-in times.

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