Smartclinic is a solution that links patients (using the Smartclinic Mobile) with Doctors or hospitals (using the Smartclinic EMR) from the comfort of their homes.

It will provide access to healthcare to millions of people currently at home while reducing time spent in hospitals.

SmartClinic Apps

Components of Smartclinic Telemedicine Suite

Self service Kiosk

The kiosk is a solution deployed in a hospital for its patients. It comprises of computers with touch screen capabilities and connected to the hospital system thereby enabling patients easily access health services.

SmartClinic Mobile

This allows patients view available hospitals, schedule appointments, request prescription, receive notifications when Lab/X-ray results are ready and get instant consultation with doctors or hospitals from their homes.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

This is a complete hospital information management system with features like partograph for managing labor, theatre module for managing surgery, a full accounting system and an in-patient management system: it is user friendly and intuitive

Electronic Medical Records (EMR lite)

This is a free mini version of the EMR. It allows features like appointment, pharmacy, lab and X-ray modules. It also gives billing and finance analytics.

Hospital Information Exchange

This allows SmartClinic Mobile facilitate data sharing between patient app and the hospital or doctor platform.

Our Solutions

Smartclinic EMR (Hospital's/Doctor's platform)

Connects you to your patients anywhere in the world
Prevents overcrowding at the hospital premises thereby Reducing the risk of the spread of infection
Utilizes Internet Banking while de-emphasizing Cash/POS thus reducing risk of infection
Increases hospital visibility and expands revenue streams
Tracks lab and Xray results and sends notifications when they are ready.
SMART Ambulance and emergency health provider
Keeps records of online/offline consultations making them available when needed

Smartclinic Mobile (Patient platform)

Has a mobile health companion feature that allows You connect directly with your Doctors or hospitals from anywhere in the world
features a mobile cashless feature that allows you pay for online or hospital services from your home or office
Shows readily available clinics and hospitals
Simplifies appointment scheduling and prescription requests
Allows follow up consultations from home
Provides Access to Lab and X-ray results
Gives timely access to healthcare services

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